A Look at FLYPmedia.com

The Web site FLYPmedia.com is easy on the eyes. The layout is clean and the images are very clear. Some stories on the site need a quick fix as they are hard to read (i.e. The end of the Astronaut) due to the lettering not being readable on the screen’s background.  Aesthetics aside, the site offers a nice range of topics and interesting ways of browsing the stories covered on the site.

The site does showcase three of the “10 Laws of Interactive Storytelling” from last class’s lecture. Those are:

• #10- Make it interactive

 • #7- Map it!

• #3- Save elaborate presentations for projects with staying power

The Web site is very interactive because as I browsed the different stories, the feature that allowed me to actually “flip” pages as though I was looking in a magazine was very intriguing. It made me want to find out more information about the different topics being discussed.

The “mapping” and “elaborate presentations” aspect was seen in the story titled, Powering a Green Planet. The beginning slide of this story mapped different parts of the project that would be discussed (i.e. wind, power and solar issues). It was a very elaborate presentation with staying power because of the emphasis anything and everything green. These days everyone’s concerned about our planet and how we can “save it so such a presentation on the site has staying power because it can be referred to by journalists like you and I in the future.

In comparison to the RedEye site and Gaper’s Block, FLYPmedia.com is way more interactive. RedEye’s main source of interaction comes from links, comments, suggestions and RSS feeds. The same can be said for Gaper’s Block. The writing style for RedEye site is simple in that includes a picture, a few paragraphs a quote and that’s it ; similar to its print version.


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