Michael Wolff Says Aggregration is the Future of Journalism

After viewing Michael Wolff’s video about where he feels journalism and new media is heading on his Web site Newser.com, I became relieved that somebody had the guts to push the envelope in this never-ending debate on the state of journalism. I agree that journalism is headed towards aggregation but I don’t feel that it will completely destroy companies such as the Wall street Journal or the New York Times because some people will always trust a hard copy from a familiar name.


The majority of today’s readers/ viewers have a hectic and fast-paced lifestyle and so how, where and how long they pay attention to their news source is reflecting that more and more. So, to combat this editors and staff across the country are downsizing as we know, however few have been bold enough to have companies that solely focus on online media because a few research studies have shown that revenue can declined.

As far as aggregating goes in the case of Wolff, I feel that it is okay what he is doing. His business model, it seems, is to create a “one-stop-shop” for readers to go to get all of their news quickly and briefly. And these days, it is true that many people just don’t want to read long drawn out articles.

Jakob Nielsen’s F reading pattern study showed that people read in an “F” pattern when viewing a Web site and after that, they skim an article or read it fully depending on their level of interest in that particular article. This proves that our generation is one of skimmers.

So, Wolff created a place where a reader can get all of their news quickly from a variety of sources. This, in my opinion, is why so many newspapers are angry; they were competing with each other to be the “number one” news source, and here come aggregators who put them and their competitors on one site; ultimately causing their business models to go out of whack.

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