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Who is Today’s Perfect Journalist?


In this world of constant change it’s kinda hard to decide what “today’s journalist” needs to be like. What would make someone the prototype journalist? Knowing SEO terms like the back of one’s hand or being the best editor known to man? I’m not sure but I keep hearing that being a “jack of all trades” will be the key to getting hired.

            And I agree…to a certain extent.


            Mostly, because I won’t feel like lugging around equipment to produce a story when all I really love to do is write, but I have to set myself apart. With my love for PR and healthcare, simply knowing how to structure a sentence will not get me a job. I must be able to explain the complicated terms and information to thousands of people who are hungry to understand the state of the healthcare system and all of its new products to come.

            First and foremost, I and most of “today’s journalists” need to be able to edit. This is one of the skills I feel was missing in Vadim Lavrusik’s article, “8-Must Have Traits of Tomorrows Journalist.” What better way to reduce the credibility of a company than to have misspelled words on the company’s site? Spell check please.

            Second, missing from that list was “personality.” Thousands of people blog every day.  Just like an interview, a journalist must set themselves apart. The more unique the personality (which can be done by the style of writing) the bigger the following. Thus, more eyes will be glued to the computer screen just waiting for the writer’s next post. So sell yourself!

            I hope to accomplish this one day.

            Last, today’s journalist needs to be able to determine what is newsworthy. And get to the point. No more, no less.


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